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Full Moon in Cancer Lunar Eclipse Release Ritual

Happy 2020 Witches! With the Full Moon landing in Cancer on January 10th, it brings a full wave of beautiful cosmic energy to help us release and clear all negativity from our past. This is one of those fated, let it happen type moments - So sit back and see what the Universe has planned for you.

We want you to feel healed and restored after the ritual is done. It will be emotional, so be gentle with yourself - and allow yourself to fee refreshed with the past behind you.


Full Moon in Cancer Lunar Eclipse Ritual for Releasing and Aligning

You will need:

  • Cleansing tool of choice - Spray (here) or Smudge
  • Mortar and Pestle or something else for grinding
  • Coffee grounds or cinnamon stick or sprig of rosemary
  • Full Moon Meditation Oil (here) or Frankincense Essential Oil 
  • 3 small strips of paper and pen
  • Glass Jar
  • Full Glass of Water
  • Sea salt
  • A guided meditation of Choice
  • Crystal of your choosing (optional)
  • Tarot or Oracle Cards (optional)

This ritual is best preformed between Jan 9-11th with strongest energy on Jan 10th (12:21PM MST). If possible do this ritual in front of a window or outside with view of the Moon/Sky. Give yourself 1/2 hr - 45 mins to complete with no distractions.


1. Begin by opening a window and then cleansing your aura + your surroundings and ritual ingredients. As you cleanse your aura recite the following-

“The year is fresh and new, and I ask to be too. I ask my (guides/goddesses/angels) of highest light to cleanse and purify me on this night. Cleanse my mind, my body, and my heart; cleanse me of anything that feels dark. Restore my body and restore my soul, allow me to feel my heart glow. I am radiant, I am strong, I am ready to sing my song. I am cleansed. I am restored. I am destined for so much more. Guide me angels and light beings above, to my highest path, my destiny, and all that is love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

As you cleanse your surroundings and ritual ingredients recite the following-

“I cleanse this space and gifts of the Earth. I cleanse all that surrounds as I do my work. My space is cleansed, my space is protected. My energy is pure, my energy is connected. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

2. Light a Candle, sit grounded in your cleansed space and begin your guided meditation. Choose one (I like Calm or YouTube) that speaks to you, focuses on keywords such as release/focus/full moon, and is about 10 mins long. The one I am  using can be found Here: Full Moon Meditation

3. After your meditation, take your three strips of paper and write down three things you would like to release. You can write just one word, or a whole sentence, the choice is yours however this ritual works best if you keep your strips of paper small.

4. Fold your strips of paper and put them to the side. Take your coffee grounds or rosemary or cinnamon stick (or all 3!) and add it to the mortar and pestle. Begin grinding and as you do, imagine you are releasing and opening yourself. If you like, as you grind, you can recite the following, or feel free to say what you feel in the moment-

“Each movement opens me and aligns me with the calling of my soul. As I grind these ingredients I feel myself releasing and letting go, releasing and letting go, releasing and letting go. As I grind these ingredients I feel myself releasing and letting go, releasing and letting go, releasing and letting go”

5. Once your ingredient is looking ground, add your three strips of paper, 3 drops of your Moon Oil/Essential Oil and a little dash of water and keep grinding them all together. It doesn’t matter if the paper stays whole, it is the action that is important. As you grind the papers recite the following-

“I release the past and all that was. I release the fog, the confusion, and the clutter, I release all so I can focus on what truly matters. I let go of these things so I can welcome the new. I honor them for all they have served, and trust the timing that the Universe serves. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

6. Now, take your glass jar and add the mixture from the mortar and pestle. Add some more water (until the jar is 3/4 full) and 3 pinches of salt, close the lid, and gently shake.

As you shake, visualize yourself releasing and letting go of all that weighs you down and blocks you from accessing your highest truths and goals.

7. When done, place your crystal on top of the jar if using. If you wish, "seal" the jar with a few drops of your candle wax on top (safely) then place the crystal on top of the wax. Leave the jar by the window or outside overnight. 

If choosing to do so, shuffle and select a tarot or oracle card from your deck, remembering to only use your left (non-dominant) hand for the shuffle and your right hand to choose the card. Once selected, read your meaning and sit with what the card is telling you - or journal about it if you wish.

This is meant to be a very restorative and emotional ritual. Make sure to give yourself the space and grace to fully process these emotions, and take time for the remainder of the day/night just for yourself. Journal, read a book, sleep, or take a restorative bath afterwards.

8. In the morning, remove the crystal and discard the water in the garden or down the sink. If your papers are still intact you can remove them and place them in the recycling, but I like to add them (bury them if you wish) to the garden in my backyard.

8. Your release and alignment work is done! You can keep your crystal by your side until the New Moon when you are welcome to cleanse and charge it again.

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