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PISCES FULL MOON RITUAL - September Harvest Moon

The sensitive Pisces Full Moon Ritual falls on September 13-14th, and is known as the Harvest Moon.For some, the moon will be at it's fullest on Friday the 13th - which is just a time of heightened awareness and not bad luck as some may believe. Above all, the Harvest Full Moon is about reaping what you've sown. What energy will you harvest from the bountiful Summer?

The Harvest Moon is the last Full Moon before the Equinox and is a potent time for cleansing, releasing, and for ritual work. It is also a time to reflect on the journey we have traveled since the beginning of Summer, and to think about who were were then, how we've grown, and who we are today.

How have we grown? How have we flourished? How have we used the energy created throughout the Season?

The Pisces Full Moon is also a sensitive one. It is highly cleansing and illuminating. It may help bring clarity to areas of our lives that have felt foggy or confusing. We may also come face to face with a new truth or a new realization.

To guide you through the sensitivities of this Full Moon, here is a Bedtime Bath Ritual. (If you don’t have a bath, you can still do this ritual in your shower.)

Pisces Full Moon Bedtime Bath Ritual

(Best completed between September 13th-20th)

You will need:
  • Smudging tool of choice
  • 1-2 tsp Sea Salt or Epsom Salts or Himalayan Salt
  • 1-2 drops Essential oil of choice (Eucalyptus, Cardamom, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood or your Full Moon Oil)
  • Dried or fresh herbs of choice (Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Sage, Rose Petals, Lavender, Thyme are good options - use what you have)
  • Large Bowl or Jug filled with warm water
  • Journal and pen
  • Candles (Earth Tones - Brown, Green, Beige, Yellow)


1.) Gather your bath ingredients and place the salt and herbs into the jug or bowl with warm water. If using, light your candles and leave the rest of your ritual ingredients to the side.

2.) Take your smudging tool and sit or stand in front of your jug/bowl of bath ingredients. Begin by smudging your aura first. As you do, recite the following-

“As the season comes to a close, I release and remove all that must go. I surrender to the unknown that is to come and trust my heart to lead the way. From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, I am cleansed, nourished, and restored. I am the new me. Better than before. Wiser than before, and more powerful than before. I love myself. I love myself. Thank you. Thank you.”

Now smudge your ritual ingredients including the jug/bowl in front of you. As you do, recite the following-

“I cleanse what is before me now. The space I stand in is cleansed. The ingredients I use are cleansed and their vibration is lifted. They can now heal me with ease. They can now cleanse me with ease. They can now receive the magic of this ritual with ease. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

3.) Begin filling up your bath if using. While you are waiting, take your jug of herbs and salt, and holding it in both hands, recite the following-

“These herbs will heal me now. They will cleanse away my worries, wash away my anxieties and restore my mind, body, and soul. This salt will ground me to the earth and connect me to the seas, it will protect my energy and restore my confidence in myself, in my life, and in my journey to come.”

4.) Pour your jug of ingredients into the bath. If you are not using the bath and are doing this in the shower instead, skip this step.

5.) Once your bath is ready, take your essential oil or moon oil and place a few drops into the water. Swirl it around with your finger gently to mix.

As you swirl the water, make a wish or set an intention for this bath. If you need some assistance you can use the following prompt-

“I ask that this bath bring me…..” or “I ask that this bath cleanses me of…”

Note: if you are doing this in the shower, add the essential oils to your jug and swirl using your finger.

6.) Hop into the bath and just allow yourself to relax. Feel the energy of the herbs, salts, and oil working their magic.

If you are doing this in the shower, take the jug in with you and pour the mixture over your body. You can have warm water coming from the shower if you like too.

7.) Once you are out of the bath and dried off, grab your essential oil or moon oil, rub through your hands, and breathe it in deeply. Then, grab your journal and begin writing whatever comes to your mind. How are you feeling? What insights or inspirations did you feel in the bath? If you are stuck, you can also use one of the following prompts –

  • “The ways in which I have changed since the start of this year are:”
  • “I can love myself more by….”
  • “I will allow... to be part of my daily routine"
  • “I accept the course of my life by….”
  • “I let go and release…”
  • "I welcome... into my life"
  • "My main Goal for the Fall is...."
  • "I will no longer welcome... into my life"
  • "This is what I will accomplish with my last 3 months of 2019"

Aim to write for at least 15-20 minutes if you can. If you don’t feel like writing you can also draw if you like too.

8.) Once finished with the journaling, meditate for 10-15 minutes (I Love the Calm App)

9.) Snuff out your candles and get ready for bed. Before you close your eyes, recite the following or feel free to say what you feel in the moment-

“To my guides and angels of the highest light, I ask to sleep well tonight. Take away my fears and brush away my worries. Allow me to find my way and my courage. Allow me to speak my truth and feel at peace. Allow me to accept what comes and release all that is no longer mine to hold. May I sleep deeply and dream peacefully. May I wake up feeling refreshed, restored, and energized for the day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

10.) In the morning, discard the herbs from the bath back into nature. Be sure to thank them for their magic!

Happy Pisces Full Moon!

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