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Sagittarius New Moon Ritual - November 2019

Who else has felt their Energy really waning lately? Rejoice, witches - Mercury has come out of Retrograde and we can finally move back to the path that shifted so hard at the beginning of the month. The Sagittarius New Moon on November 26th brings a lot of shifts along with it, cementing the rebirth and renewal work we've been doing all year.

Not only do we welcome the start of a new lunar cycle, but the other planets in the sky are also very busy, almost like they are shuffling around and preparing for the huge waves of energy we are destined to experience come January 2020.

All of these cosmic changes may have us feel excited, ambitious but also a little tired and in need of a recharge and self-love.

This ritual is going to tie in this need to be kind and forgiving towards ourselves, but will also help us to recharge and get motivated if there is something we want to bring into our lives. Self-Care + Self Respect are synonymous, so make sure you are practicing both and creating that habit - it's important for our rebirth on January 1st. 

As always, feel free to edit this ritual to suit your needs! If you can't do it all, you don't have all the things - don't worry! Read through and choose which pieces fit your needs, call to your energy, and most importantly FEEL right. If you are uncomfortable you won't get the full benefits of any ritual. Make it your own!

Sagittarius New Moon Ritual 2019

This ritual is best done from November 25- December 8, 2019

Make sure you have at least half an hour to complete, uninterrupted. Turn off your phone or put it on silent, close the door if you need to (but open a window!) and be fully present for the entirety of the ritual.

You will need:

  • Smudging tool of choice
  • Mirror (hand held or do the ritual in a room with one)
  • Crystal of your choosing or piece of Jewelry 
  • A 10 Minute Guided Meditation

From the Shop (Optional):


1.) Start as always by smudging your aura and then your surroundings. A few pointers to remember- as you smudge be sure you have a window open so the dense energy can escape! Also, when smudging your aura don’t forget to do front and back and the bottom of your feet! This can also be done with Grounding Spray if you aren't able to smudge. 

As you smudge your aura, feel free to recite the following-

“I welcome in the changing air, I welcome in the new. I freshen my energy and recharge my aura, I bring all of me back to one. I am balanced, I am renewed. I am now cleansed from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

As you cleanse your surroundings and crystal feel free to recite the following-

“I cleanse away the heavy past, I cleanse all that has served its time. The energy of this space now aligns with the light and love that lives inside. I am whole. My space is whole. Warmth and love fill the air. May all work conducted in this space be protected and blessed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

You can also take this time to anoint your hands + body with the oil you've chosen, or a moon series oil. Breathe it in deeply, and feel grounded in this time you have given to yourself.

2.) For best results, complete a 10 minute meditation, either guided or on your own. Choose one that relates to recharge, energy release - I tend to choose from the Calm App or You Tube - do what you feel called to. If this time isn't available to you or you don't want to meditate, instead take 10 deep, cleansing breaths with your eyes closed and your dominant hand on your heart.

3.) Stand in front of a mirror or hold a mirror to your face. And just start by looking yourself in the eyes and saying hello to yourself. Ask yourself how you are doing. Really look into your eyes and care about what you are saying to yourself. It seems weird at first! But don’t worry, you can do it!

4.) Now looking at your reflection, speak some words of loving-kindness and forgiveness to yourself. Here is a prompt to get you started if you need, but the most important thing is that you speak from the heart and that you look into your eyes as you say this-

“I know you have been going through a hard time lately and I just want you to know that I think you are doing a really great job. I know you have been feeling (xxxx) about (xxxx) but I want you to know that it’s all going to be OK. I hope you know how loved you are, and I hope you also know that I forgive you. I forgive you for all the things you wanted to do and couldn’t. I forgive you for feeling the way that you do. I forgive you for any stresses or worries, or things you feel guilty about. I just want you to know I forgive you.”

End with some words of encouragement and support towards yourself. List people who love you, and that you love. List your accomplishments of the past and goals for yourself for the future. Nothing Negative! Look at yourself with PURE LOVE - like you would your child, or your soul mate, or your best friend, without judgment. And don’t be afraid to keep the conversation going for about 10 minutes or so, this way you can really get deeper into the work!

5.) Once done, just allow yourself to sit with any emotions that have come up for you. If you like, close your eyes and place your hand over your heart center. Take 10 deep breaths here just allowing yourself to process the work you have just done.

6.) Now, take your crystal/jewelry and hold it in your non-dominant hand. Think of something new you would like to bring into your life or a feeling you would like to bring into your life more regularly. Whisper your intention to the crystal, and then close it tightly in your hand like you are “sealing” in your wish.

7.) Keep the crystal/jewelry by your bedside or carry/wear it to remind you of your intention for as long as you like.

A positive mindset will really help to compound this ritual. Choose positive thoughts instead of going to the negative, choose to say "No" to things that your energy doesn't feel called to, choose to do the things that your heart asks you to do. Keep this going for the remainder of the year + when you are feeling your energy wane, stand in front of a mirror and remember your intentions. Write them on the mirror with a whiteboard or window marker (or hell, your favorite lipstick) and say them when you pass by. Don't forget. Remembering to be kind to ourselves and others is the first step.

Happy New Moon! What intentions are you setting? Comment below!

Only one more New Moon before 2020 so get ready for the Final Release coming December 26th!

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