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Libra Super New Moon Ritual - September

Libra Super New Moon Ritual  -  September

The Libra Super New Moon falls on September 28th, 2019 a few days after the Equinox and on the same day that Saturn aligns with the South Node. It is also in tight alignment with the healing asteroid, Chiron,

With so much energy at play, this New Moon is likely to feel heavy and may stir up some past wounds for releasing. We may also feel the need to rebirth an area of our life or to cut the cords and leave some karmic cycles behind.

Aquarius Full Moon Ritual - August 2019

Aquarius Full Moon Ritual - August 2019

What a powerful summer! Between the energy of the Black Moon, Mercury in Retrograde, and just a whole celestial shit storm of energetic movement - I think we are ALL a bit spent. For this Full Moon, it's best to scale back - take a breath, reflect on what's serving us, act with self-care and reflection in mind. We still have the New Moon to look forward to in a few week's time, and this will be when we can charge our energy for the upcoming Season. Don't worry about letting go, or charging your crystals, or manifesting. Focus on you + what your body needs - peace and the grace to allow it in.