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Virgo New Moon Black Moon Ritual - August 30th

Welcome to the Virgo New Moon - which also happens to be another powerful Black Moon - on August 30th! This New Moon promises to bring us an abundance of offerings and has the potential to lift and support us with whatever struggles we face. 

New Moons represent the start of a new lunar cycle and are a great time to plant seeds and set intentions for the month to come. While this is true of all New Moons, the strong, generous energy of the Virgo New Moon makes it one of the best this year and a powerful time for ritual work.

After the high-energy month of August it's important to harness those energies and make them work for you as we head into Fall. The below ritual is adapted and a perfect way to seal the vibes in. 

With all rituals, it's suggested but not required to take a cleansing bath or shower. See the ritual here. 

Virgo New Moon Ritual August 2019

This ritual is best done between August 30-September 6th, 2019

You will need:

  • Smudging tool of choice or our Grounding Spray
  • 1 sheet of paper cut in 2
  • 1 full sheet of paper
  • 1 candle (beige, black, gold, mauve, rainbow)
  • Colored pencils/markers or a pen
  • Bowl or cup of water
  • Essential Oil of choice (Rosemary, Peppermint or Lemon) or Moon Series Oil (New Moon or Black Moon Rising)


1.) Start by smudging your aura and surroundings using your tool of choice or our grounding spray. As you smudge your aura recite the following-

“Every day I love myself just a little more. Every day I work to release and let go of my stresses and anxieties. Today, I support my body by cleansing and releasing all that blocks me, all that triggers me, all that keeps me in fear. I feel light, I feel open. I know I am love. My energy is protected and clear. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

As you cleanse your surroundings, recite the following-

“I use the power of love and light to cleanse and protect this space. This space is a magnet for joy and attracts all that is good. My space is cleansed, my space is protected. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

2.) Have your ritual ingredients in front of you and light your candle. Sit or lay down in a comfortable position and begin by first taking a few drops of essential oil or moon oil in your hands, rubbing them together, inhaling the scent and then taking 15-20 deep, cleansing breaths. Really breathe in all you can and exhale all you can. Make your breaths loud and strong. Then return to your normal breathing.

3.) Now on your next 3 breaths, you are going to recite an affirmation. Say the words out loud and then inhale and exhale with meaning. See below:

Breath #1:

Say aloud: “I breathe in divine light and exhale all that keeps me in fear,” then take a deep breath, imagining you are breathing in divine light. Then do a strong exhale, imagining you are releasing all that keeps you in fear.

Breath #2:

Say aloud: “I align with my highest destiny and let go of all tension in my body”,then take a deep inhale, imagining you are aligning with your highest destiny. Then do a strong exhale imagining you are releasing and pushing out all of that tension.

Breath #3:

Say aloud: “I love myself and release all my doubts and insecurities,” again take a deep inhale and fill your lungs with love, on your exhale imagine releasing all doubts and insecurities.

4.) Now take one of the cut pieces of paper and a pen/marker and write down something you would like support with or something you would like to bring into your life. It can be a feeling, a moment of clarity about something that is bothering you, or something tangible. You can make it specific or keep it general. When done, fold up the paper.

5.) Now take your next piece of cut paper and write down one action you are going to take to help make it a reality. It can be small, big, direct or indirect. Don’t overthink it just write whatever first comes to your mind. When done, fold up your paper.

6.) Take your first folded piece of paper from step 4, and hold it over the flame, as you do recite the following-

“Angels and guides of the highest light, send me the support I need. Send me the love I need to manifest what I desire as long as it’s for my highest good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Once the paper gets too hot to touch, throw it into the bowl of water.

7.) Now take your second folded piece of paper and hold it over the flame, as you do, recite the following-

“I make the declaration to take this action for myself. I ask for support from this New Moon to keep me motivated, aligned, and always open to the next step.”

Once the paper gets too hot to touch, throw it into the bowl of water.

8.) Now take your whole sheet of paper and using the colorful markers begin drawing, writing, or designing a symbol to remind yourself of what you wish to bring into your life and the action you are going to take. Give yourself permission to get creative and just express yourself! There are no rules with this, just draw what you feel. I like to incorporate words as well - don't worry about being too crafty - this is only meant to reinforce the intentions you've set. 

9.) When done, keep your drawing somewhere you can see it for the next month as a reminder of what you desire and what action you are taking to make it happen. The path to success is consistent actions, and consistent reminders will keep you on that path. 

(On the next new moon, you can recycle the paper or put it away for safe-keeping in a journal or Book of Shadows)

10.) Finish with a 10 minute guided meditation (I suggest the Calm App) to really center the new energy that you've created. Choose a topic that you feel called to or a simple meditation - it's up to you. 

11.) To close the ritual, discard the water back in nature if you can and recycle the burnt papers. Snuff out the candle.

Whenever you have a moment of craziness, breathe in a few drops of the essential oil or Moon oil you chose for this ritual to remind you of your path and focus your energies.

Happy New Moon!

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